VIP Healthcare

A lifetime of wellness

Trauma Medical Centre (Pvt) Ltd is proud to unveil its newest and unique addition to life without stress and shortfalls called Vip Healthcare enjoy an exclusive medical aid for companies and individuals trimmed to suit your needs.

The Vip Healthcare plan affords all its members access to world class health care facilities in Harare and approved countries. The Medical Aid is registered with the Ministry of Health as per requirements of the the Medical Regulation (2000). Vip Healthcare has entered in partnership with various specialists & medical service providers who will provide emergency medical evacuation and hospital care for selected members of Vip Healthcare the services offered include with preauthorisation are: Local & Regional service providers for inpatient and outpatient treatment. The aim behind Vip Healthcare is to provide the best quality service at affordable prices, with no hidden “costs “to service the specific requirements of the members.


Quality service provided by qualified and skilled medical professionals. All medical treatment offered under one roof. Treatment provided without any glitches Best professional services at affordable premiums Delivery commitment always Have a preferred provider network to assure professional competency.


  • Vip Healthcare is available to Corporate and Individuals.
  • We have 3 medical aid plans to choose from with plan 1 members benefits up to $50 000.00 per year and plan 2 members benefits up to $30 000.00 per year Plan 3 members benefits up to $15 000.00 per year.
  • Payments are made as monthly contributions six months in advance which are credited to their respective accounts.
  • Vip Healthcare is affiliated to Trauma Centre Borrowdale Harare and has selected a compliment of specialists, to attend to member’s ailments; we have secured well equipped theatres, labs, ultrasound, x rays, physio, audiology and pharmacy, ambulance services with a boutique centre which offers specialised staff that are on call 24 hours.
  • We have flexibility for Corporate and Individuals who join as groups.


  • Immediate access to doctors in emergency
  • No shortfalls or co-payment for treatment at Trauma Centre Borrowdale
  • Any emergency treatment, admissions is prioritised.


  • Vip Healthcare has varying waiting periods before members can access treatment depending on plan.