Emergency Rooms 24hrs

emergency1Trauma Centre Borrowdale offers comprehensive emergency care options for everything from serious illnesses, chronic medical conditions, road traffic accidents, injuries, and other trauma. We provide care for both adult and pediatric patients with a focus on patient satisfaction. Our facility features a comfortable, modern environment, state-of-the-art equipment and technology and drastically reduced wait times. We assure patients that they will be seen by an experienced Emergency Room Physician in a comfortable, upscale environment.

Our treatment rooms are designed to take the anxiety out of the emergency care experience. Textured surfaces and materials, soothing colours, and calming artwork all create an ambiance that serves to allay the pain and anxiety of medical emergencies.

We have treatment rooms specifically designed for paediatrics ─ with friendly colours and welcoming cartoon characters to keep our paediatric population happy and calm.

Our Resuscitation and High Dependence rooms are equipped for cardiac monitoring, oxygen and nebulizer therapies, IV medications, and more. These rooms also have crash carts and defibrillators to provide you with critical care, if it is ever needed.

In addition we also offer Travel Advisory & Vaccinations (Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A/B, DTP, Typhoid, Cholera, Meningitis). We also do Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, HIV, Pregnancy and Cholesterol testing.exterior-9