Ottobock (prosthesis, orthotics and human mobility)

This stands for high quality and technological products in the medical field. Ottobock services have high quality fittings as well as detailed marketing.

  1. Prosthesis: There is a large over range of upper and lower limb prosthesis that are custom made.
  2. Orthotics: From advanced electronic devices to highly effective back bracing are offered astreatment options.
    Paediatric mobility solution: Our products help children engage in play, home and school activities.
  3. Seating and positioning: This includes office posture adaptations equipment and wheelchair

1. Prevention of injuries for example knee guards in gyms and sports training to avoid sprains
and dislocations and posture braces for prolonged sitting to prevent back degenerative
2. Early identification and treatment for example orthotic/moon boots for fractures, shoulder
supports/ arm slings for dislocations and subluxations.
3. Restoration of mobility for people with disabilities through powered wheelchair supplies
post spinal cord injuries and strokes, prosthesis post amputation.

Patient care
This involves

  •  thorough assessment and investigations
  •  trial of suitable product
  • fitting of the appropriate object
  •  rehabilitation to help patients fit into society through physiotherapy or occupational
  •  follow up after home programme has been given

Reimbursement Support and Consulting services
As we develop our products, we meet with different centres for medical care and medical services to
secure appropriate documentation and reimbursement levels. This aids in navigation around the
complex climate of dynamically offered products. We offer free support and specialised consulting
services as product education is vital always. In addition to follow ups done in patient care, there is
continual feedback of patient to provider feedback to inform of future amendments that will be required.