At our Aesthetic Clinic, we provide a wide range of aesthetic treatments, (the study of the mind and emotions about the sense of beauty) tailored to you.

Choosing someone to entrust with your looks is one of the hardest decisions to ever make, so make the right one!

Finding a non-surgical beauty clinic that you can trust is a long, daunting experience that can end with no reward, or even worse: a treatment gone wrong.

You are looking for a clinic that can answer all of your questions.

  • Is this specific treatment safe for me?

  • How long will the results last for?

  • Which treatment will get the optimal results for my money?

  • What should I do after the treatment?

  • How long will I be out of action, if at all?

  • What happens when the treatment doesn't work as I'd like?

All these questions can be answered by our AAMSA registered, experienced, professional clinician Doctor Vivek Solanki after an in-person consultation.

The services available after consultation, include :

  • PrP System

  • Dermapen Micro Needling

  • Co2 Fractional Laser

  • Plasmatek / Keloids

  • Fillers / Eyelid Lift / Sun Spots / Skin Tags

  • Wrinkles / Face / Neck

  • Scars / Warts / Acne / Tattoos

  • Gyne Aesthetics / Urinary Incontinence

  • Skin Lightening / Weight Loss / Hair Loss

  • Nipple Revive / Gyne Rejuvenation

  • Jet Fuel IV Infusion of Vitamins, Amino Acids & Minerals

  • LED Bio-Light

  • Priapus Rejuvenation

  • EpiGenetics Diet

  • O2 Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Liposculpture

  • Thread Face Lift

  • Toxins for wrinkles, hyperhydrosis, tremors etc

Our team look forward to hearing from you soon!