Cath Lab

Introducing Our State-of-the-Art Catheterization Laboratory

At Trauma Centre, we are committed to providing our patients the highest quality cardiovascular care. To further enhance our capabilities and ensure that you receive the best possible treatment, we are excited to announce the addition of our brand-new Catheterization Laboratory.

  • What is a Cath Lab?

A Catheterization Laboratory, often called a Cath Lab, is a specialized medical facility equipped with cutting-edge technology for diagnosing and treating various heart-related conditions. This facility allows us to perform a wide range of cardiac procedures with precision and safety.

Our Comprehensive Services

  • Coronary Angiography

Our Cath Lab is equipped with advanced imaging systems that enable our skilled cardiologists to visualize your coronary arteries in real time. Coronary angiography helps us identify blockages or narrowing in your arteries, allowing for prompt intervention.

  • Cardiac Stents

When blockages are detected during coronary angiography, we can immediately address them by inserting cardiac stents. These tiny mesh tubes help keep your arteries open, ensuring adequate blood flow to your heart muscle.

  • Pacemaker Insertion

For patients requiring pacemakers to regulate their heart rhythms, our Cath Lab is fully equipped to perform pacemaker insertions. This procedure can significantly improve your quality of life if you have certain cardiac arrhythmias.

  • Stress ECG

Our Cath Lab is also equipped to perform stress ECG tests. This diagnostic tool helps assess your heart's function under stress conditions, providing valuable insights into your cardiovascular health.

  • And Much More

In addition to these core services, our Cath Lab is prepared to handle a wide array of cardiac procedures and interventions.

Why Choose Our Cath Lab?

Our team of experienced cardiologists and dedicated medical staff are committed to delivering the highest standard of care to each and every patient.

  • Expertise - Our team of board-certified cardiologists and highly trained medical professionals bring a wealth of experience to each procedure.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology - We invest in the latest medical technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and optimal treatment outcomes.

  • Patient-Centered Care - Your comfort, safety, and well-being are our top priorities. We strive to provide a compassionate and patient-centered experience.

If you or a loved one require any cardiac-related procedures or diagnostic tests, rest assured that you are in capable hands at Trauma Centre. Our Catheterization Laboratory is here to serve the community and provide you with the best cardiac care possible.