Health Sector in Zimbabwe

Over the past 20 years, the health services in Zimbabwe have suffered from the devastating effects of the economic meltdown in the country. The lack of renewed and updated medical infrastructure, availability of experienced health practitioners, and a policy vacuum to address both key emerging health issues and regulatory framework has resulted in fragmented health services and being out of touch with emerging challenges faced in the country and the region at large.

The situation has further deteriorated as a result of patients losing confidence in the ability of the health system to care for them, increasing costs, questionable quality of care, a closed system with outdated regulatory frameworks forcing patients to alternative methods of care; further adding to the deteriorating health care system. The current situation has forced many patients to seek health care outside the country at both personal and family expense disrupting family and professional lives. Zimbabwe has an expanding private sector that provides much of the same, not reflecting the innovation and progressive services matching the changing health profile of the country.


Currently, in Zimbabwe, we have a private health facility that provides renewal and innovation addressing the changing health needs of the country. This facility furthermore has not only provided services not rendered in the country by other private health providers but continues to expand its services to respond to the health profile of the country. therefore avoiding patients seeking care outside its borders.

The recent designation of the facility as a "Special Economic Zone" is in recognition of the efforts made by the institution to meet the changing health care needs of the country and retain and bring health care experts to the country to provide the much-needed care. The Trauma Center and Hospital - Borrowdale, Harare is currently in a state of expansion bringing new services to Zimbabwe only available in one other facility in the Southern Region as well as strengthening currents service.

Current Services

The facility provides a range of services, in addition to its 25hr.

Emergency, pharmacy, laboratory, dental, radiology, audiometric testing and hearing aids, orthopedic services, supplies, aesthetics/cosmetic surgery, Hyperbaric chamber for various interventions, physiotherapy, VVVIP Private Rooms, High Care/Intensive Care, specialist physicians, Air-Vac Services, Geriatric emergency services, Jet Fuel-Jet Bar, International travel vaccination, Endoscopy/Colonoscopy, minor surgical procedures, etc.

New and Expanded Services

Cardiac Cath Laboratory, Cardiac surgery, Cardiac ICU, Expansion of surgical services with two new Hybrid Operating room theaters, neuro-surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, orthopedic (including implants), keyhole surgery, burn patient care (including skin grafts), Maternity with Neo-Natal ICU, clinical laboratory, endoscopy and colonoscopy services, and an additional in-patient VIP-VVIP beds, all on the same campus.

Many of the expanded services are limited in the East and Southern African region, forcing the patient to go to Europe, the far East, and North America. In addition to the expansion of services, Concierge medical services will be a new feature of this facility.

Concierge Medicine was born out of the growing role of patients having to pay directly for care as health insurance has failed to carry the contractual responsibility to pay for care on a timely basis and increased shortfalls. As patients began bearing more financial responsibility, they also began demanding a better healthcare experience. Patients are looking for shorter wait times, high-quality healthcare, and a better patient-provider relationship, three things concierge medicine ideally delivers. Successful concierge medicine practices have a patient-centered philosophy, small scale, financial strength, strong care coordination, and focus on prevention.

Concierge Medicine is based on a membership model where the member pays either an annual fee or a one-time membership fee that subsidizes the amenities not offered by most health care providers. Some of the amenities include:

  • Priority appointments (same day) 24/7. Increasing access and care on a timely basis.

  • Expedited specialist appointments.

  • Executive style facilities (examination rooms, laboratory services and other clinical amenities)

  • Access to the exclusive private admission and VIP Lounge where members can enjoy internet access if they wish to continue work and daily routine related to social and work-related activities. ("Jump the Q")

  • Establishing relationships with patients enhances care, "It's about a one-on-one relationship between a patient and a physician a trusting relationship."

  • Strong preventive care aspects, Clients are encouraged to follow the prescribed preventive measures based on age and epidemiological/family history exams (mammogram, colonoscopy, nutrition advice, etc.) Prevention is based on a strong team approach. It is about saving lives and enhancing the quality of life. Regular reminders will be sent including regular updates.

  • Medical advocacy from anywhere.

  • Access to a multi-disciplinary team to meet your lifestyle. All patients will be overseen by the Medical Director.

  • Dedicate nurses only to the Concierge Medical unit. Dietary needs will be responded to with Bespoke Cuisine (custom made).

  • Access to inpatient single rooms, VIP rooms, suites, maternity, etc (subject to availability).

  • VIP Membership Hotline for information on hospital services and appointment booking

  • Ready physician access via e-mail; and longer visits

  • Specialist Consultants will be flown in if necessary, to provide the much-needed care, therefore reducing the stress of patients and families to be dislocated for care outside the country.

  • Once off paperwork and medical history. During subsequent visits, it is only necessary to update if information changes. A VVIP ID Gold Card will be issues to all members.

  • Home care nursing when needed, including delivery of medicines, home-based physiotherapy, and dressing changes.

  • Dedicated ambulance for members 24/7.

Concierge medicine will be made available to client families through a lifetime subscription payable in full by invitation and approval through an application process. To ensure the highest standard of immediate & personalized care in a comfortable setting, we have limited the membership to 50 families.

The membership will cover all the above and exclude the cost of medical services. The care provided will be billed to either the client's insurance or a cash basis at the time of care.

Through endowments, Concierge clients may have a portion of the new expanded facilities name after significant others if they wish, this will be handled through a Foundation that will be set up soon if interest is shown by the community of members.