Borzou Hosseinkhani

Hospital Engineer
As a qualified and registered master installation electrical engineer, working in the medical field since 1979, our company specializes in a wide range of services from the design stage to practical completion with compliance to local and international standards, services include management and treatment of general and biohazardous waste, airflow designs and hivac including filtration, classification of operating theaters, energy management optimization, and medical gases design and installation. We specialize in professional and timely services with flexibility and quality workmanship and beyond.

Luka Pantić

Luka Pantić the principal architect of Pantic Architects, and has over twenty years of experience in Zimbabwe, the South African region, and Europe designing town plans, hospitals, hotels, commercial, office, and residential architecture. Over thirty years, Pantic Architects has carved out a reputation as a reliable and collaborative design partner, articulating a progressive architectural design and development vision and forging strong and lasting relationships across the industry.
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Tony Machado

building contractor